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The Shieldmaiden Blog

Nov - 16

The Storm Is Here

For several years now, They have been telling us to get ready: A storm is coming. Gather your people. Make ready. The Morrígan whispered this to me on a windy mountain place in the spring of 2011, and I soon learned that people all over the world were hearing this same message. From Herself and from other Gods too. A storm is coming. Get ready. Gather your tribes.

I feel that storm is here. We have been sensing its stirrings for a few years now, fitful winds that bring a shudder of warning and carry the scent of more to come. We have for some time been operating within the slow-motion decline of an empire; such declines have times of gradual change and times of sudden chaos and crumbling. This is one of those times.

I don’t need to detail for you the reason for this post: You’ll have seen the shock and horror rolling around the world as the most powerful and militarized nation on earth puts itself in the hands of a capricious demagogue without respect for democracy, at the head of a viciously racist, sexist, violent hate mob. You’ll have seen the wave of hate crimes, assaults, beatings, and threats. The most at risk among us – LGBTQ+ folk, People of Color, immigrants, Muslims, Jews, and women – have the clearest eyes for what is happening.

What do we do? This morning, my purpose here isn’t to give a comprehensive action plan. Other folks are developing those things and I may have more to add later.

What I want to share with you is this: Our strength is each other. You are not alone. And as terrible as this moment is, many of us hold a knowledge in our bones that we were made for times like these. We recognize this moment as the one that we’ve been asked to make ready for, so that just this much fierce love of one another and just this much defiance could rise in us. So that we would know that however terrifying it may be, the Gods knew we had it in us to resist and survive if we come together. The first thing we need to do is commit to each other.

Over and over, from the people in my life who are most at risk from the rising hate, and from people the Coru Priesthood have been counseling and supporting this week, I have been hearing this: “I need to know that you will fight for me. I need to know that I am not facing this alone. I need to know that you will not stand by and let them target me.” I thought about this as we prepared for our autumn public devotional this weekend. Words came down from the Morrígan:

I am not a warrior, you said

Why have you called me, Queen?

I called you to love

I called you to make your love a battle song

I called you because I saw your heart

For I am the Mother of Heroes

And I know the drumbeat of your heart

You do not need to know the weapon-dances

To be the spear in My hands

You do not need to be strong in body

To be the strong body of My sword

You need only to rise to the drum that calls you

Rise to Me and speak

Pledge to your heart its beating

Pledge to your people love

Pledge to fight for each other

And I will know you as My own.

And She gave us a pledge to take, a pledge to fight for one another. On Saturday night, we gathered before an altar enshrined with Her icon and Her presence. We sang Her names and offered our devotions. Then, we stood in a protective ring, encircling and holding those asking for protection, and we pledged to fight for each other, for those most at risk among us. We consecrated safety pins to wear as we carry this commitment forward every day.

Mother of Battles, hear my prayer

In time of violence, hate, and fear

Let the fierce strength of love move me

Let the courage of love uphold me

Let the tenacity of love root me.

Mother of Heroes, receive my heart

Grant me the protection of your presence

Grant me the backing of your host

Grant me the Hero’s Light

And I will hold this ground for kinship.

Mother of Victories, receive my pledge:

To my kindred under attack,

I will raise my voice to silence hate

I will rise to shield you from violence

I will stand with you when you need a hero

I will face the terror with you

I will share rest and care with you

I will hold you and I will fight for you

I will not stand down

Till the storm passes and sovereign justice arises

For I am the body of love

I am a weapon of love

I am love fighting for itself.

I share this with you as I hope it may be of help. Everyone reading this right now, even if you do not fear for yourself, you have people in your life who are at risk, who need your solidarity and your backing. It is going to get harder before it gets easier, and the easiest thing in the world will be to let this moment slide by and become the new normal without resistance. It will cost us to protect each other; it means taking risks to our own safety, our jobs, our social position. But know, and hold on to this knowledge, that the Hero’s Light breaks over those who choose risk in the service of their people over personal safety. Know that the Gods of battle and sovereignty stand with you when you stand and fight for each other. Know that this is what we were made for: to love one another and live.

If this pledge inspires you to make a similar commitment, you are welcome to it. Adapt it as you will: alter the prayer to include your own divinities. Write another one. Say it before your Gods, and someone in your community who can hold you to your commitment.

We can do this, friends. The life that is in us, the courage, the heart, the soul, the will of us is enough. If we love one another and let that love be what matters most.

Solidarity networks to provide mutual aid and support are being woven as we speak. If you need support, reach out. As my honored friend Elena Rose says, “Find a hand and hold on.”


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Crisis support:

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

Trans Lifeline: (877) -565-8860

Trevor Project: (866)-488-7386


Helpful organizations:

Resources for Social Change

Organizing for Power

Black Lives Matter

Showing Up For Racial Justice

Campaign Zero against police violence

Support Muslim people in your community with Council on American-Islamic Relations

Help immigrants and new Americans

RAINN: Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network aiding victims of sexual violence

ACLU: Working for civil rights and constitutional liberties

11 comments on The Storm Is Here

  1. Simone says:

    The storm is coming, Morgana will take sovereignty of this region. I see her visions of whirlwinds and ravens, of eyes gone black while purification is worked.
    She cannot be denied. She calls souls to her army, dragons to her behest. Castles are formed, spirits return. It is not for naught.

  2. R. says:


    I’m a newcomer and arrived at your website in a roundabout way; I have been reading about Paganism, Wicca and witchcraft for many years but have never developed a practice of my own. I have not yet formed a relationship with any particular deities; in face, over the years I have become uncertain whether I believe in any deities at all. But just now, landing on this page, something has given me chills. In 2005 I awoke and wrote down a long and vivid dream in my journal. In the middle of the dream the following occurred:

    “All of the lights went out. It was pitch dark, but I could see that the curtains over the window had fallen askew, still covering the window but leaving a strip of light in the middle, running diagonally up and to the right. The light coming in was harsh, blue-white light that didn’t illuminate the room. I knew it would blind me if the curtains were open all the way. Then I heard a great and terrible voice, full of power. It said, ‘A storm is coming,’ and then kept repeating, ‘A storm, a storm, a storm…’ I ran out of the room down the corridor…”

    Ever since this dream more than a decade ago I have been waiting for the storm to arrive. Despite my skepticism and my declining belief in any sort of divinity, this warning has always remained in the back of my mind. In times of personal upheaval and even world events or disasters, I have sometimes wondered if perhaps this was the storm I was warned about. But nothing ever felt big enough until I woke up on the morning of November 9th, 2016. I am shaken to read the exact words from my dream – words that have resonated through me for all these years – in print on your site, and to read that many others have received the same warning.

    I too believe that the storm is here. Thank you for the words of your pledge; I will be reflecting on them, and seeing how I can integrate them into myself for the fight ahead. Especially this: “Know that this is what we were made for: to love one another and live.”

  3. Dillerma says:

    The Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom is another heart achingly beautiful resistance movement. There is a lot of “if you have to register, we will register with you.”

    May our respective deities be with us all.

    From a Jew to you.

  4. Kellene says:

    This post resonated so deeply. The pledge and prayer are timely, beautiful, powerful, and fill a need. I will join with you in speaking these words and making a deeper commitment to Her, thank you for the work you do and the wisdom you share.

  5. Gerrie Ordaz says:

    Thank you Morpheus for this! I want to let you know that there are those in the Midwest who have heard Her call, some of us for decades. We are ready to Stand, in Love and Sovereignty, to help the People. I’m currently working on getting a more organized group together. Something along the lines of your group. Blessings.

  6. Morpheus,
    I’m a newcomer to your blog and your work. I wanted to post a message of gratitude for the wisdom you’ve shared. Last week, the Morrigan came calling for me. On Sunday, I said, “yes.” I talk about it on my blog. It’s been a very powerful week and I’ve spent a great deal of time here reading through your entries, gleaning what wisdom I can. What is startling to me is that as I go back deeper into your blog I’m finding so much information that corresponds and helps confirm much of my communication with her. I couldn’t have that without your posts. Thank you very much for your work here. Each post is another signpost to me on a path that has taken a very unexpected turn! Peace and Strength!

    1. Morpheus says:

      Thanks for your comment, Rustus. I’m really glad if my work was able to offer some help or insight. So many people are having similar experiences to yours; I really feel that She’s been preparing us for these times. I’m glad to know that you’re another soul striving to do work to help the world we share.

  7. Bruna says:

    I loved this text, but there is something about it (and the general feeling of discontent in the community of Morrigan’s followers) that bothers me deeply. I am a third world woman, a Latin American woman. The problems that are singled out as the greatest symptoms of this Storm have never ceased in the poorer countries – where imperialism and the implementation of dictatorships and disrespect for democracy were often borne by the “benevolent leaders” of the first world. Earlier this year the first woman elected president in my country’s history was deposed by a bench of some of the most decrepit men in history and President Obama gave a public statement saying that the process had been fair and that democracy in Brazil was ripe . Only five democratically elected presidents have completed their mandates here. Brazil is the country that kills LGBTQ + most in the world. I’m not saying that the election of Trump and this generalized feeling of “f * ck” is wrong, even because I’m feeling it too. But I am asking for looks and attention to the third world – without pity and without derision, but with love and understanding. The world is vast and we are a great clan. I think coalition is a basic necessity. And for coalition to exist, empathy and knowledge of the other are essential. Much Love!

    Ps: what a beautiful poem and what a beautiful prayer! They really touched me.

    1. Morpheus says:

      Thanks for this comment, Bruna. It’s a good reminder that the bubble of relative safety and privilege within the US and parts of Western Europe have for a long time existed at the expense of poorer countries. I do see how this is part of the legacy of colonialism. These are things that I’m aware of, but maybe need to practice *more* awareness of. It is true that my writing in this piece and in general tends to be more centered in my experience as a citizen of the US, and more directed toward an audience of primarily American readers. I think that if we as a whole were more educated in the history and current realities of countries like yours, we might have been less vulnerable and more savvy about the dangers facing us in the state of our democracy here and now.

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