Banshee Arts Tattoo Studio

At Banshee Arts tattoo studio, I strive to make every client feel safe, at ease, and confident in my work. I welcome everyone. I am a feminist, an active ally and supporter of LGBTQ folk and PoC, and in my work as a tattoo artist, I am committed to inclusivity and creating safe space for all people. I believe all bodies are worthy of love, self-care, and adornment. You are safe with me.

Our shop is small and cozy, operated by myself as the primary owner and tattoo artist, with occasional support from my partner, Brennos. This allows me to keep my space intimate; for very private tattoo sessions, I can close the shop to give you complete privacy.

In addition to tattooing services and aftercare products for your tattoo, we also carry a selection of art objects, crafts, talismans, apparel, and other creations – both Banshee Arts originals and offerings from talented members of our community. Some of these items are available online, while other original works can be found only in the shop.

Morpheus Ravenna

Tattoo Artist, Morrigan Priestess, Spiritworker, and Writer

Professionally trained by Idexa Stern of Black & Blue Tattoo, a legend in the Bay Area.

I specialize in tattoo design inspired by ancient art and civilizations, and have a passion for ritual and magical tattoos, mythological sources, and Celtic, Norse, Hellenic, and other historical traditions. I recognize tattooing as an initiatory art and in both design and tattooing I strive to serve as a channel to bring my clients’ visions to life as indelible, living art in the skin.

In addition to my tattooing work, I am an experienced artist and spiritual worker. I blend art and ritual through the creation of sigils, bindrunes, and talismans as well as the living art of tattoo.

I’m often drawing, writing, studying Celtic literature, or in the field practicing medieval armored combat. I also serve the Pagan and Polytheist communities as a priest dedicated to the Morrigan.

My first book, The Book of the Great Queen, was recently published in 2015.

Guest Artist: Dagulf Loptson

Author, Tattoo Artist, and Polytheist

Dagulf Loptson is an author, tattoo artist, and Polytheist who loves creating devotional pieces for the old gods and their modern worshippers. 

Dagulf is an excellent tattoo artist with a keen eye for texture and ornamental splendor, and he’s also a polytheist priest and spirit worker able to provide ritual and devotional tattooing. He has a rich knowledge of Heathen lore and imagery, excellent shading and texture skills, especially stippling, and also does some killer skulls and naturalistic imagery.

He is the author of “Playing With Fire: An Exploration of Loki Laufeyjarson”, through Asphodel Press.

Dagulf will be guest tattooing at Banshee Arts on a recurring basis. You can book him directly by email at or by phone at 775-313-2736.

View his portfolio on Instagram!

Tattoos as Ritual

Tattooing is an ancient art form that for many people represents not just adornment of the body, but a ritual art that allows us to tell our stories in our skin, invoke ideas, archetypes, or presences into the body, and mark important moments, memories, or thresholds in our lives.

You may be dropping by for something small and simple, or you may be contacting me to begin a more intensive work with a spiritual component. You may not be seeking to ritualize your tattoo, and that’s okay. For those who do want ritual support within the tattooing process, I bring over 20 years experience as a trained priest and spirit-worker. I can work with you in the design phase using intuition and spiritual mediumship to guide the design process, and your tattoo can be performed within a sanctified, focused ritual space with appropriate prayer and invocation.


I accept walk-in clients when I’m available, but as most of my work is scheduled by appointment, I can’t often accommodate walk-ins. For larger tattoos or custom designs, I recommend we set up a consultation meeting. If you are coming from a long distance, this can be done via email or phone. Here’s what I’ll want to know during our consultation:

  • What you envision for your tattoo
  • Approximate size and placement on your body
  • Ideas of style: linedrawing, blackwork, black/grey shaded, full color, and any specifics about style. You can include pictures or links to images of artwork in the style you like.
  • If you have a specific time-frame for when we need to do the tattoo, let me know what it is.
  • If you want any kind of spiritual support or ritual work in the tattoo, give me some background about that.

You’ll have an opportunity to ask me any questions you may have, and we’ll discuss what the cost of the tattoo is expected to be.


Try to come in for your tattoo rested, and eat something before you come in. People who come in on an empty stomach to be tattooed are more apt to feel faint or have a hard time sitting still with pain.

DO NOT drink alcohol before being tattooed. If I have reason to think you are intoxicated, I will not tattoo you and you may lose your deposit. If you wish, you can take Ibuprofen for pain reduction (and if you determine it is safe for your health). Aspirin is not recommended.

Wear loose, comfortable clothes that allow access to the tattoo area or can be easily removed. Please don’t wear anything you wouldn’t want to risk having ink-stained.

Things to bring:

  • Your ID (this is a requirement)
  • Snacks and drinking water or juice
  • Warm things (your body temperature tends to drop while being tattooed)
  • Music preferences, if you want something specific
  • For ritual tattoos, bring any sacred items or regalia you wish to set on the altar or use during the rite

If you want to bring someone to sit with you while being tattooed, they are welcome in the shop and I will make an effort to make space for them in the work area. In some cases, if space does not allow or if companions are loud or distracting, I may ask them to sit in the waiting area of the shop.

Where to find us

Banshee Arts 4.5 star rating 12 reviews

Tattoo Studio Address:
1214 San Pablo Avenue
Berkeley CA  94706

Phone Number:
(831) 234-7476

10 am-6 pm Tuesday through Friday. Weekday evenings and Saturdays are available by appointment.

We occasionally close the shop for travel, special events, or private sessions. You are welcome to call or text ahead, but be aware that while tattooing, I will not be able to answer phone calls.

Banshee Arts is located in north Berkeley, at 1214 San Pablo Avenue, on the southbound side of the street just north of Gilman. Parking on San Pablo Avenue is 2-hour parking with meters.


My hourly rate is $150/hour, with a minimum of $100 (this means for small things that take 40 minutes or less to tattoo, it is a flat cost of $100 regardless of size).

In most cases, I do not charge for design time – unless your tattoo requires an excessive amount of drawing time or I’m being asked to start over and redesign.

Once we have settled any questions you may have about working with me, and before I begin any design work, I will require a prepaid deposit of $100 (in case of very large pieces, this may be more). Deposits are non-refundable. If you need to reschedule an appointment, please give at least one week’s notice of the change in order to keep your deposit; last-minute reschedule or cancellation may cause you to lose your deposit.

Deposits and payment for tattoos can be made via credit or debit card using PayPal or Square, or in cash. I do not accept checks.

To book a consultation or tattoo appointment, please visit my booking page:

Book now

Or, you may contact me using the contact form below to discuss details of your tattoo.

Contact Us to Discuss Your Tattoo

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Days 1 – 2:

At the end of your tattoo, we will cover it with a bandage. Keep the bandage on for 3-5 hours.

On removing the bandage, wash gently with warm water and gentle, unscented soap. Recommended soaps are Cetaphil or Dr. Bronners liquid.

After washing your tattoo, gently pat dry with clean cloth or paper towl. Apply a LIGHT coat of aftercare ointment or cream. Recommended products are Tattoo Goo, Pegasus, Aquaphor, Bacitracin, or A&D Ointment.

Repeat this procedure (wash, dry, apply ointment) AT LEAST 2-3 times per day. Wear loose, comfortable clothing that allows your tattoo to breathe.

Days 3 – 4:

Keep your tattoo clean, washing it as needed, at least daily. Apply salve or lotion at least 2-3 times per day.

Days 5 – 15:

Apply salve or lotion as needed for comfort. Your tattoo may begin to itch during this time and you may see a layer of skin flaking off. DO NOT peel, scratch, or rub. If needed, you can slap your tattoo lightly to relieve itching. Keep clean and moisturized to minimize itching and scabbing and promote good healing.

Tattoos take approximately 2-3 weeks to heal completely. Treat your tattoo kindly while it’s healing if you want your ink to stay beautiful!

During the Two–Week Healing Process:

  • Do not use antibacterial soaps.
  • Do not use oily products such as Vaseline or Neosporin.
  • Do not use aloe vera or scented lotions.
  • Do not swim, sauna, or soak (shower OK).
  • Do not expose to direct sunlight.
  • Absolutely no picking at your tattoo!

If a rash occurs, discontinue use of any product and try another brand. The top layer of skin will peel and the tattoo can be itchy. Again, do not pick or scratch! Let the skin fall off naturally. It’s a good idea to get in the habit of sunblock, as the sun will fade a tattoo.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m new to tattooing, where do I start?

I do take walk-in clients when I can, but it’s best to plan ahead. Have a few concrete ideas about what you are looking for and how you want your tattoo to look on your body. When you are ready, come by or call and set up a consultation so we can plan your tattoo.

Once I’ve decided I want a tattoo, how does the process work?

After your initial consultation, I will take a deposit and set an appointment for your tattoo, and I will draw up a design. I don’t invest time drawing designs without a deposit, and deposits are non-refundable so before we begin, you should be sure you want to work with me. I am happy to send pictures of drawings in draft stage so you can give feedback and request changes.

If you cancel or withdraw from working with me, I will keep your deposit as a drawing fee. If you need to reschedule an appointment, please be sure to give 2 weeks notice of the change so I can fill your appointment time with another client. If you reschedule last-minute I may need to keep your deposit and you will be required to pay a new deposit for the new appointment.

How do I prepare for my appointment?

On the day you come in to be tattooed, it is important that you not consume alcohol or take any aspirin. Please be clear-headed, healthy, and have eaten something! This will help you have the best tattoo experience. How well your tattoo heals has everything to do with how well you take care of it afterwards, so be prepared to follow the aftercare instructions.

How safe is tattooing?

You should absolutely be concerned about the safety of being tattooed. I am rigorous about cleanliness and sterilization procedures. I use pre-sterilized, single-use tubes and needles and follow professional best-practices for bloodborne pathogen risk prevention. You can ask to see my health department permits and current health training certification. I am happy to discuss any concerns that you may have about tattoo safety.

What inks do you use? How do I know if I am allergic to any inks?

You should absolutely be concerned about the safety of being tattooed. I am rigorous about cleanliness and sterilization procedures. I use pre-sterilized, single-use tubes and needles and follow professional best-practices for bloodborne pathogen risk prevention. You can ask to see my health department permits and current health training certification. I am happy to discuss any concerns that you may have about tattoo safety.

Does it hurt?

Yes, as a general rule, tattooing hurts. However, people experience the pain in different ways, and some places on the body hurt more or less than others. Most people find that the fear of being tattooed is far worse than the pain they actually experience. All kinds of people get tattooed, and almost everyone is able to tolerate the sensation. Some people even find that they really like being tattooed. You are welcome to ask for more details about what to expect for the part of your body where you are considering being tattooed.

How much does it cost?

Please see COST AND PAYMENT section for my rates. If you check around with other shops, I think you’ll find my rates are aligned with going rate for quality tattoo artists in the Bay Area. Tattooing is not cheap, because it’s a permanent body modification that requires training, skill, and good equipment to do safely and well. When we do your consultation, I’ll give you an estimate of cost to the best of my ability, but how much your tattoo ends up costing depends on several factors, including the size and complexity of the design, how long it takes to place it on your body, and how well your particular skin takes the ink. The actual cost of your tattoo will be based on the number of hours it takes to complete.

How do I pay for the tattoo?

You will be charged at the end of each session, for the hours worked during that session. I generally charge only for the time we are tattooing, not placement and setup. Your deposit will go toward your last session on a given piece.

I accept credit and debit cards via PayPal and Square, and cash.

No checks, please.

What about tipping?

It’s common practice to tip your tattoo artist if you are happy with your tattoo, just as you would with any service professional. If you can afford it, a good tip is 15-20%, just like in a restaurant or salon. However, you are welcome to do whatever is affordable to you and I promise I won’t make it awkward for you.

How should I care for my new tattoo?

Please see the Aftercare section and read the instructions.

What about touch-ups?

It is common for a new tattoo to need a follow-up session to touch-up minor elements of the tattoo. This is especially the case for heavy blackwork or dark tattoos (where consistency of the fill is important), white tattoos (where it is hard to see how well the skin is taking the ink until it heals), and tattoos on some parts of the body where the skin tends to take the ink unevenly (such as feet, etc.)

I generally do not offer free touch-ups. However, my minimum rate doesn’t apply, so I will only charge you for whatever fraction of my hourly rate you need for the touch-up.

What are some of the possible complications of tattooing?

Many people are worried about the possibility of getting an infection from being tattooed. It is very, very rare for a person in good health who takes good care of the their tattoo to get an infection. However, some people do have a reaction to the inks, or (more often) to the ointment or lotion used during the healing process. When this happens, the tattooed are may become itchy, or a pimply rash may develop. These reactions are not serious, but they can affect the way the tattoo looks when it heals, and they are sometimes uncomfortable. Also, if you have any health conditions that may affect your ability to sit for a tattoo or to heal from a tattoo, you should consider those conditions carefully and may wish to consult your doctor for advice. As a tattoo artist, and not a medical professional, I cannot give you any medical advice.

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