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Apr - 15

BOOK OF THE GREAT QUEEN: Final countdown to publication

A couple of quick updates about the book! I’ve been intensively pushing through the final work on the book – editing, reviewing artwork, cover design, proofing, indexing, and all of that fun stuff. This week, we received the first proof copies of the book – for the first time, I held the book in my hands! We’re finishing proofing and all the other final details over the next few weeks. And assuming all continues to go well, we expect to have print books some time in May – first for my campaign backers, and then shortly afterward, shipping to the public.

Cover Art & Illustrations!

Our amazing artist Valerie Herron has completed the exquisite artwork for the book. Cover design has just been completed and is shown here. We won’t be releasing the rest of the images until after publication, but here are a few glimpses Valerie has shared on social media. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the work she has produced.

Queen Cover Mock up3b





Book Tour Updates

The latest dates and locations will be updated on my Events page. Here’s a quick list:

BOOK OF THE GREAT QUEEN Presentation | The Pagan Festival  May 9 – Berkeley, CA

Fire of the Badb | Irish Gods and Heroes | Gathering for Life on Earth  May 15 -18 – Camp Sasamat, Belcarra, BC  Canada

BOOK OF THE GREAT QUEEN: An evening with Morpheus Ravenna | Edge of the Circle Books  May 22 – Seattle, WA

BOOK OF THE GREAT QUEEN Signing | The Book Vault  June 10 – Endicott, NY

She Chanted Spells of Power | The Morrigan’s Call Retreat  June 12 – 14 – Camp Cedarcrest, Orange, CT

Keynote Speech & Cathubodua Devotional | Many Gods West Conference  July 31 – August 2 – Olympia, WA

Body of the Morrígan – A Spiritual Journey of Ireland | Coru Priesthood  September 7 – 16 – Ireland

BOOK OF THE GREAT QUEEN Author Evening | Treadwell’s Bookshop London  September 18 –  London, UK

She Chanted Spells of Power: A Rite of Poetry with the Morrígan  September 19 – Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK

More to come, too! You can follow updates about the book by checking posts tagged Book of the Great Queen.

Jul - 14

Book tour!

Just a quick note from me here in book project world.

Over at the Book of the Great Queen campaign on IndieGoGo, after we met our first two stretch goals, I asked people for suggestions on further project goals. Many people wrote to me suggesting a book tour after publication. So I’ve set book tour funding as the target for my final stretch goal, and I’m also soliciting feedback on locations and venues for talks/workshops/booksigning events.

The good news is that as of today, we’ve already raised enough to do two cities and just on the verge of a third. That means the book tour is already happening! You, my readers, still get to decide how extensive it will be and where I travel.

I’ll be planning my tour sites based on where there seems to be the most active interest, so if you want me to visit your city, drop me a line to let me know! So far I’ve heard from folks in Seattle, Atlanta, Houston, Madison, and upstate New York. Where would you like to see me travel to? I’d also love to hear from people as to good venues in your area for a workshop and booksigning, or if there are events such as festivals or conventions you’d like to suggest as part of the tour. You can email me your suggestions at or comment here.

You can see all the details and updates on fundraising levels over at the IndieGoGo page. I’ll also be posting updates there as tour locations are identified.

Now, back to focusing on the book!

Aug - 11

Answering the Call

This is a quick post to announce the upcoming intensive I will be offering this fall along with my beloved co-priestesses T. Thorn Coyle and Sharon Knight.

We are calling this intensive Answering the Call: Battle Goddesses in Times of Change. It represents the next stage of the work the three of us have been called to by our Gods. Those who have been reading this blog or were present with us at the Morrigan devotional last PantheaCon will be aware that my work with the Morrigan, as with many of you, has been taken “up a notch” in the past year or two. We three, as with many of you, have been hearing an urgent call to rise up, prepare ourselves for times of change, help our communities become strong and resilient.

Two years ago, during our collaboration on the Stone City Samhain rituals and intensive work with the Morrigan, we talked about the strong call we had each felt from both the Morrigan and Freyja in our devotional work. At that Samhain, the Battle Goddess workshops were conceived, which Thorn began offering last Samhain along with her partner Robert, and has continued throughout the year, providing short workshops for self-defense and empowerment training.

We came together again for the great Morrigan devotional at PantheaCon, and as I have written here, that ritual was like the unleashing of a dike – it was a call to battle, opening the door for a great force of inspiration and empowerment that many of us in Her service continue to feel.

This fall’s weekend intensive is the next stage in this work. We each feel a strong calling to help mobilize and prepare our people for the challenges of our times, through the guidance and urging of our devotional relationships with these Battle Goddesses. So this is the purpose for this gathering.

It will necessarily be smaller than the massing of the PantheaCon ritual – our focus here will be on in-depth work and practice with those who feel strongly called to join with us in this work. Attendance at this gathering will be limited to 30. It will be held at Stone City, where my work on the Morrigan statue and shrine are underway, and will provide an opportunity for participants to help with that project.

Initial details are up on a FaceBook event page, as well as on my website. Registration will be through Thorn’s Solar Cross organization.

I look forward to meeting you in Her service.

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