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Spiritual Services

Intuitive, divinatory and magical services for your spiritual needs

Spiritual Consultation & Spellwork with Morpheus

Morpheus works with clients to help you solve problems and shed light on your path. She can assist with specific issues or problems, identifying obstacles and uncovering magical and practical strategies to overcome them and open the way forward. She can also advise on ritual and devotional questions relating to Gods, spirits, ancestors, and other divinities. She uses scrying, intuitive reading, runic and Celtic divination and bibliomancy to provide spiritual insight and consultation. She can provide ritual and spellcraft guidance, or perform spellwork and ritual petitions on your behalf.

Rates for spiritual consultations are $40 for half-hour or $75 for an hour, primarily by phone. Zoom video chat and in-person consultation at the Banshee Arts shop are also available. For ongoing/recurring guidance, a package arrangement can be made. Rates for for spellwork will vary depending on your needs.

To book a spiritual consultation session, visit our booking page here:

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Runic Divination & Intuitive Readings with Brennos

Brennos offers runic divination to assist you with your questions and spiritual needs. He applies his lifetime experience as an intuitive, as well as his knowledge of the runes to provide in-depth and specific answers. Readings can clarify questions about your lifepath and where your Wyrd is guiding you; provide guidance about spiritual protection and connection; interpret signs and communications from Ancestral, divine or spirit entities; forecast influences coming to play; as well as provide clear answers on practical questions relating to relationships, career, wealth, health, and any other questions you may have.

Ritual Services​

Morpheus and Brennos both serve as priests to the people, bringing a deep reverence for the mythic resonance of threshold moments, along with a combined 35 years experience creating and priesting effective rituals for groups from 5 to 500. Each takes joy in the artistry of creating powerful rituals, drawing on poetry, history, folk tradition, art and aesthetics, and divine inspiration to help you, your family and your community move through important life passages.

  • Home Blessings and Space Clearings using time-honored folk magical techniques to help you clear and claim your space, dissolve spiritual accretions, banish unwanted beings and energies, ward and protect, and lay the foundations for prosperity.
  • Weddings and Handfastings designed collaboratively and with passion, to empower and bless your union.
  • Blessing Ways, Birth Ceremonies and Naming Rites, incorporating folk magical techniques for fertility and safe birth with ritual work to to invoke and focalize the blessings of the Gods and your community for a healthy pregnancy, and an auspicious beginning to your child’s life.
  • Rites of Passage – For threshold moments and passages at all stages of life: Coming of Age, Manhood or Menarche Rites for adolescents, Croning and Eldering Rites, or tailored rites of passage rituals for any life changes that greet you.
  • Death Passages and Funeral Rites. Ceremonies to honor the dead, written with depth and care to help the living find solace, honor and remember the dead, and help the souls of the dead find their way into the Mystery. This can include public or private memorial rituals and funeral rites, as well as private spirit work to assist in the passage of loved ones or liberation of trapped, lost or malevolent spirits.
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