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The Shieldmaiden Blog

Sep - 14

It’s a damn fine time…

Today I’m emerging briefly from book cave to spread the word about the shiny new site! is the brainchild of my dear friend and co-conspirator Theanos Thrax, known to many in our communities as the Anomalous Thracian. He’s bringing together a gorgeously diverse array of writers (with more to come) representing a range of polytheistic traditions and streams of practice, to create a curated, intellectually and spiritually rich set of columns on Polytheist theology, practice and experience.

I am in full support of this project. I was honored with an invitation to write for myself, and in the not-too-distant future, I will be doing so. The reason you aren’t yet seeing anything from me there is, of course, the demands of my book-writing schedule (and accompanying obligations to my book backers) – which I have come to affectionately refer to as being in “Book Jail”. In the meantime, however, has hit the ground running with a fine array of columns and articles from a stellar batch of authors.

Here’s the thing: Polytheism needs this space because – whether or not any given Polytheist does or does not also identify as Pagan – the experience of a devotional Polytheist is unique to itself and thus to have a space dedicated to exploring, teaching, learning, and supporting those experiences is a huge service to us. To encounter the Gods as real beings with agency and consequence impacts our being and our lives in particular and profound ways that are often quite distinct from experiences of other Pagans oriented toward archetypes as prisms of the soul, or toward non-personal universal forces, etc. exists to provide a dedicated space for community and exchange around those distinct needs and experiences.

Here’s a quote from the site about its purpose:

In a “manifold” universe populated by myriad entities, autonomies, consciousnesses and willed layers-upon-layers of complex relations, animist sensibilities, and at times adamantly ancestral engagements, it is important to not only acknowledge the many gods and goddesses and Their sacred agency, but also the agency of the many cultic communities, devotional disciplines and worshipful fellowships, war-bands, sects and circles. We are not all of us called by the same gods or to the same task, but for those who place central life importance in answering, navigating, and honoring the very state of being called by Them in the first place, this place is for you. Safe. Protected. Dedicated.

– “About”

There’s also a fine piece in the Wild Hunt this morning with more perspective from the Thracian and from Hunt writer Terence P. Ward on the site launch.

As my friend the Thracian iconically says, “It’s a damn fine time to be a polytheist!”

Now, back into the book-writing cave with me!

3 comments on It’s a damn fine time…

  1. Jen says:

    I second Edward’s thoughts about the divine and their roles of agency, although I will not deny in all my currents years I was raised with my birth parent’s karma. Though I was never raised by her (and truthfully: THANK GODS I WAS NOT) in my smallness, even to my young adult years now, I’ve always felt a very controlling habit and pattern where I did the bribery “game” with all my relations…and sorrowfully even with my encounters the goddesses and gods. Most notably Loki, especially when I was drained by a psychic energy vampire for 4 previous years before I invoked him. I acknowledge heavy-heartedly I forced him into a relationship when I was totally unstable, wounded, drained, attached to the vampire and……oh goodness it’s been a great mess to clean up. So within and so without. Especially when I cut cords with the other and found my relations with the divine intensely flatten for there was not really any foundation. Only the “give-me give-me” cheating of energy….it reminds me of those who drink or take substances heavily, except the drug and the wasting addiction is an energy vampire bedazzling and yet slowly raping my inner innocence. Goodness these are karmic patterns I need help working through…and so too with complete surrendered humility to the divine..

  2. I was pleased to see this as well. In Florida we’ve had some bad feeling between a few polytheists and Wiccans, and it’s nice to have a resource to point my Wiccan friends towards.

    I completely agree, the world looks different when the Gods are individual and unique agents. Answering the call is a life-changing process, one few on the larger Pagan community can truly grok.

    Hopefully, it will serve us and Them well.

  3. Lon Sarver says:

    Well, there goes my free reading time. :)

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