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The Book of the Great Queen

The Many Faces of the Morrígan from Ancient Legends to Modern Devotions

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Signed by the author.

An in-depth study of the Morrígan and her cults of worship, ancient and modern.

This book is the culmination of my nearly 20 years of study and practice as a dedicant of the Morrígan. My intention for the book is to provide a comprehensive and in-depth look at the Morrígan as we know her through textual, historical, and archaeological sources, her role and cult of worship in ancient Celtic religion, and to provide guidance for the modern devotional practitioner drawing on these traditions.

7 x 10 paperback edition, approx. 450 pages, with interior illustrations in black-and-white.

The Book of the Great Queen is being published by independent esoteric publishing house Concrescent Press. Concrescent is the imprint headed by Sam Webster, M.Div., a brilliant scholar of Pagan studies and the magical arts. Cover art and illustrations are by Valerie Herron of Mystic Media. Production of the book has been crowd-funded through a very successful IndieGoGo campaign in 2014, nearly tripling the original goal.

Table of Contents

Part I: Herself
1. The Irish lore
2. One, Three, and Many
3. The Morrígan
4. Badb
5. Macha
6. Anu
7. Némain, Fea & Bé Néit
8. Deep Roots: British and Continental Sisters
9. In Her words: the Poems

Part II: Cult
10. Land, Sanctuary, Tomb, and Temple
11. Iconography and Devotion
12. Sacrifice
13. Priesthood and Sovereignty
14. Oracles and Divinations
15. Sorcery
16. Battle Cultus
17. The Warrior’s Initiation
18. Funerary and Ancestral Rites